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Dog Boarding

Under 30 lbs.

$49Per Night
  • Boarding for Dogs Under 30 lbs.

30lbs. – 100lbs.

$50Per Night
  • Boarding for Dogs 30 lbs. – 100 lbs.

Over 100 lbs.

$60Per Night
  • Boarding for Dogs Over 100 lbs.

Unaltered (Over 9 months)

$10Additional Per Night
  • Boarding Rate+$10 Per Night

Special Rates

Discount for 2nd Dog

$3Per Night
  • Discount of $3 per night for siblings.

Over 14 Days

10%Total Stay
  • 10% discount for visits over 14 days

Group Socialization

$50Additional Daily
  • Boarding/Daycare Rate +$50 Per Day

Rate Additions


$9Per Night
  • Additional $9 per dog, per night

Pick Up After 2:00pm

  • Additional 1/2 night boarding fee


Extra Meal (noon)

$5Per Meal
  • 2 meals per day are included in the cost of boarding.

Daycare Meal

$5Per Meal
  • Daycare guests usually eat before/after their visit at home.

Owner’s Non-Dry or Can

$250Per Meal
  • This includes Meat, veggies, rolls, boxed, freeze-dried foods that require additional prep and storage

Medication & Supplements

More than three medications/supplements

$250Per dose/application
  • Included in the cost of boarding is up to 2 doses/applications

Light medical care/Elder care/Special Needs

$30Additional Per Night
  • Boarding rate + additional $30 per night.

Dog Training

Daily Basic Obedience Training

$50+ Boarding/Daycare Rate
  • Basic Obedience Commands, Walking On Leash, Intro To Recall. Not Available For ESS Dogs.

3 Week Basic Obedience Residential Dog Training

$19753-Weeks Residential Training
  • GUARANTEED! Basic Obedience Commands, Walking On Leash, Intro To Recall. Not Available For ESS Dogs

Advanced Residential Off Leash Basic Obedience Dog Training

$38006-Weeks Residential Training
  • Off Leash/Recall As Well As On Leash Basic Obedience Dog Training. Not Available For ESS Dogs

ESS (Enhanced Social Skills Aggressive Dog Training

$2625for 3 Weeks and $3500 for 4 Weeks
  • Includes Aggression and Behavioral Issues Including Severe Dominance, Lack of Boundaries.

Private Lesson With Professional Dog Trainer

$75Per 1 Hour Lesson At TPR
  • One-on-One Training Lesson With You and Your Dog At Our Facility.

Doggie Daycare

Full Day

$35Over 3 Hours
  • 5 – 6 Hours Supervised Outside Play

Half Day

$153 Hours or Less
  • 3 Hours Supervised Outside Play

Monthly Unlimited

  • Unlimited Daily Visits for the Month

Bathing & Grooming


  • Depending on fur and size of pup


  • Nail Trim Including Dewclaws