6 Pet Safety Tips That Will Change The Way You Celebrate July 4th

Americans have been celebrating on July 4th since the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. To humans the flash of light and roaring sounds of fireworks represents festivity and merriment. In contrast, dogs don’t understand the thunderous blasts and flaring lights of fireworks, so it makes them panicked and anxious. Above all, it represents danger and quite possibly even the end of their world.

pet safety july 4th

It gets worse…

Many dogs have clawed through screen doors, broken chains, climbed fences, and even jumped through glass doors seriously injuring themselves in the process trying to escape the ‘attack’.  Many pups will get lost, or end up in shelters, therefore it is up to responsible pet guardians to ensure their pet’s safety during this holiday.

You might be wondering…

Q How Can I Keep My Pet Safe And Comfortable On July 4th?

Here are 6 tips to get your beloved pup through the eve of Independence Day:

  1. Make sure your dog has proper identification and is chipped. Most people get their puppy microchipped and forget about it but that is only half the process. The second part is to register your doggie’s identification number online. You can find out which company to register with from your veterinarian or the shelter that microchipped your pup.
  2. Keep your dog as far away from fireworks as possible–stay with them if possible inside at home.
  3. Create a safe space for them as they are naturally ‘den’ animals. A crate with a sheet over the top and lots of pillows and toys inside works wonders!
  4. Turn inside sound up — drown out the sounds of the fireworks with music, fans, doggie TV, etc.
  5. Tire them out!–Play with them A LOT during the day!
  6. Finally, if your dog has serious stress & anxiety, it might be helpful to speak to your veterinarian about medications available to help keep your dog calm.
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pet safety july 4th