Advanced Dog Training Off-Leash & Recall

Advanced Dog Training Off-Leash & Recall

Prerequisite for Off-Leash & Recall Advanced Dog Training

Your dog must graduate our 3 week Residential Basic Obedience program prior to enrolling in Advanced Off-Leash & Recall Training. The reason for this is because it is the solid foundation by which we teach your dog safe, reliable recall.

6 Week Residential On and Off-Leash with Recall Program

Our six week residential package includes basic and advanced training. The first three weeks of the program we will be using hand signals and verbal commands to teach your dog Basic Obedience. During this time your dog will learn what the commands mean, and how to respond. The second three weeks, we will build on that foundation to teach your dog off-leash commands and recall. The importance of a strong recall is essential for your dog’s safety especially in social environments.

Part of your dog’s basic needs is to be able to communicate with you and other dogs effectively. It is crucial for safety in social environments for a dog to be properly trained and socialized.

At The End Of The 6 Weeks Your Dog Will Have Mastered The Following

Also Included In The Cost

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Come
  • Down
  • Heel
  • Walking On Leash
  • Off Leash Commands
  • Recall
  • Distractions (Dogs & People)
  • Manners (With Humans & Other Dogs)
Advanced Dog Training Off-Leash & Recall
  • Full Time Boarding At Topanga Pet Resort For 6 Weeks
  • Dogs Will Have 2 One-On-One Sessions With Our Trainers Per Day
  • Family Will Have 6 Private Lessons With Trainer
  • Two Meals Per Day Plus Treats
  • Highest Quality Bedding And Blankets For Snuggling Up
  • Pack Group Socialization
  • 5 – 6 Hours Daily Supervised Playtime On Outside Yards

Owner/Guardian’s Key Role In Recall Off-Leash Training

Dog guardians will receive hands-on instruction during six private lessons with a trainer taught at our facility. You will learn the right techniques and language, and will practice them with your dog under the supervision of the trainer. The goal of these lessons is to understand your role as pack leader and to achieve successful communication between you and your dog.


Your Commitment To Your Dog

Owner participation in the training process is essential for success. Your dog will have mastered his basic obedience commands while in residential training. Your role as "Pack Leader" is fundamental to your dog's continuing success. Upon completion, you will have the tools necessary to ensure a smooth transition home.