Dog Boarding

Overnight Dog Boarding Los Angeles

At Topanga Pet Resort©

We are the most beautiful, all-inclusive overnight pet boarding and training ranch set in an all-natural environment in Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles.

With collectively over 50 years of experience in service and overnight dog boarding care, dogs can make new friends while relaxing in the shade or playing in one of our three outdoor play yards which are carpeted with real grass and oak trees. In fact, your furry family member can climb to the top of the hillside and take in a breathtaking view of the Malibu Mountains. Additionally, there are no extra fees for outside playtime, 6-7 hours per day is included in the dog boarding rate.

Why shouldn't a dog enjoy a great vacation now and then? Why Shouldn’t a Dog Enjoy A Great Vacation Now And Then?
Topanga Pet Resort Overnight Dog Boarders' View From Malibu Mountains

Whether it’s long term dog boarding or just an overnight stay, you can go on your journey with piece of mind knowing your dog is having fun in a controlled, safe environment at Topanga Pet Resort©.

While staying with us, your canine friend enjoys a roomy sleeping area and adjoining exercise run (6 ft by 19 ft), complete with bedding to snuggle up with and plenty of fresh water. more >
Small dogs boarding overnight enjoy 6 - 7 hours of playtime on our play yards.
Playtime allows your canine friend to have individual attention in one of our spacious outdoor play yards. Your pet gets the attention it needs within a comfortable, safe atmosphere.
Dogs over 30lbs who are boarding overnight can explore and investigate on the Hill Yard
Safety: If there is an emergency while you are away, we make every effort to notify you first. If we cannot reach you, we contact your vet or if necessary, we then take your pet to our own vet for medical attention.
Seniors who are Overnight Dog Boarding tend to forget how hold they are
Waffle Arriving at Topanga Pet Resort

What Should I Bring When I Drop Off My Dog For Overnight Dog Boarding?

Just bring your dog & their food if they are not going to eat ours. That’s it! See info on how to package food here.

We provide clean, comfortable blankets and bedding for your dog which adhere to our strict standards. We do not accept any personal belongings such as beds, blankets, toys, etc. due to health, safety and sanitary reasons. However, you are welcome to bring a disposable t-shirt or hand towel for separation anxiety issues. We use customized safety collars and leads, therefore all carriers, leashes, collars, and harnesses will be returned to owner during check in.

We will not take responsibility for any personal items that become lost or damaged while your dog boards with us.

What To Expect After Returning Home

Your dog will return from their overnight dog boarding vacation at Topanga Pet Resort© happy and exhausted! Expect that your dog will require a couple days of rest after his stay. See dog boarding rates.

“We love Topanga Pet Resort. We’ve been boarding our dog Apollo here for over 4 years. He’s a super active Belgian Malinoix and requires lots of play time, which he gets an abundance of here. I can’t recommend this place enough.”
topanga-pet-resort-apple-iconMarie B.
“The staff at Topanga Pet Resort patiently and knowingly give them all the time they need (and deserve) to learn to trust their environment and the people in it”
topanga-pet-resort-apple-iconKatie R.
“Topanga Pet Resort Is A Treat For The Elite On Four Feet.”
“They care about the individual dog and the pup comes back healthy and super happy!”
topanga-pet-resort-apple-iconRachel F.
“We live in Germany now…we choose to fly internationally out of LA just to take Ziggy to Topanga Pet Resort.”
topanga-pet-resort-apple-iconMary-Margaret W.
“We called to check on our dog a few times, and they always seemed to have very accurate reports about how he was doing. Our dog came home tired and happy.”
topanga-pet-resort-apple-iconLeslie P.
“I have complete trust in Topanga Pet Resort and highly recommend this facility. It is clean and well maintained. The dogs have plenty of time to be outside playing too. I would never go anywhere else.”
topanga-pet-resort-apple-iconJulie G.
” If you own a dog in LA then you know how hard it is to find a boarding facility that you can trust. Look no further “
topanga-pet-resort-apple-iconKatie R.
“My dogs get excited when they arrive, because they get to spend most of the day outside with other dogs in the hills of Topanga. This is a place run by dog lovers, plain and simple. I can’t recommend this place highly enough.”
topanga-pet-resort-apple-iconKen K.
” I can not say enough wonderful things about this facility. The staff are all very knowledgeable and helpful and are great about reading the dogs different personalities”
topanga-pet-resort-apple-iconJulie F.
“The absolute best outdoor doggie day camp, school and resort your dog can go to. Acres of land to play on, beautiful atmosphere and amazing, loving, caring staff to make the facility feel like home.”
“We’ve been to many of the better-known places in the Los Angeles area and Topanga is well worth the trip for our pampered and hyper Border Collies. Come back groomed, clearly happy, and ready for a nap!”
topanga-pet-resort-apple-iconCameron D.