While staying with us, your canine friend will enjoy a roomy sleeping area and adjoining exercise run (6 ft by 19 ft), complete with bedding to snuggle up with and plenty of fresh water. more >
Playtime allows your canine friend to have individual attention in our spacious outdoor play yard. Your pet gets the attention it needs within a comfortable, safe atmosphere.
Safety: If there is an emergency while you are away, we make every effort to notify you first. If we cannot reach you, we contact your vet or if necessary, we then take your pet to our own vet for medical attention.

Boarding Rates

Boarding rates include food, bedding, and dispensing medications as well as 5-6 hours of buddy play time outside under the oaks in Topanga.

Please note that if your dog checks out after 2pm on any day you will be charged for that day at 1/2 the boarding rate.


We provide comfortable, clean bedding and blankets for your pup which adhere to our strict standards. We will no longer be accepting any personal belongings such as beds, blankets, toys, etc. due to health, safety, and sanitary reasons. You are welcome to bring a disposable t-shirt or hand towel for separation anxiety issues. We use customized safety collars and leads, therefore all carriers, leashes, collars, and harnesses will be returned to owner during check in.

Special Rates

  • Special Handling: Boarding/Daycare Rate + $25 per day as needed.
    Dogs that may need extra guidance to help them adjust to the play yard, but do not require a trainer.
  • Group Socialization: Boarding/Daycare Rate + $50 per day as needed.
    Dogs displaying behavior that is disruptive to the play yard needing to be taught proper yard etiquette, working with trainer throughout the day.


Two meals (kibble and/or can) are included in the cost of boarding, this includes our food or yours.
  • Extra Meal (noon): $5
  • Daycare Meal: $5
  • Owner’s non-dry or can (meat, veggies, rice, rolls, boxed, freeze-dried, supplements e.g. fish oil, powders): $2.50/meal (prep and storage)

Medication and Supplements

Up to three medications are included in the boarding rate.
  • More than three Medications/supplements: $2.50/dose or application
  • Light medical care/Elder care/Special needs: Boarding rate + $30/night